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How Performance Learning can make a difference in your school

An all-in-one platform designed to accelerate learning by integrating online learning, well-being, and skills coaching.

The platform operates in four steps: Assess, Train, Re-Assess, and Measure. It begins with a quick assessment to identify challenges and predict future performance. The training is personalised across five levels to enhance skills and knowledge. Post-lesson reassessments combine emotional and intellectual scores to adapt learning strategies.

Finally, the platform empowers learners to track their progress via a dashboard, offering real-time updates to teachers, schools, and parents.

Well-being & Readiness to Learn

Our platform assesses well-being factors such as sleep, energy, learning attitudes, and mental health to gauge student readiness. This holistic approach enables timely interventions, ensuring students are emotionally and academically prepared. Sharing detailed reports with students, parents, and educators fosters a supportive and collaborative environment, enhancing satisfaction and performance.

Personalised Skills Coaching

Our platform tailors learning strategies by combining data on well-being factors like sleep, energy, and mental health with academic progress. This personalized approach maximizes engagement and retention, builds confidence, and ensures students reach their full potential. Sharing progress and attainment reports with students, parents, and educators fosters a supportive and informed learning environment.

Entrepreneurship & Workplace Readiness

Our platform assesses key competencies like leadership and problem-solving while integrating well-being data such as sleep and mental health. This comprehensive assessment prepares students for real-world challenges by aligning academic efforts with practical skills. Regular feedback on progress and readiness is provided to students, parents, and educators, supporting career aspirations and future success.

Meaningful Reporting

Our platform’s reporting tools combine data on well-being factors, such as sleep and energy, with attitudes towards learning and academic progress. These detailed reports ensure that educators, parents, and students are always informed, allowing for timely support and effective interventions. By enhancing communication and tracking progress, our platform drives better educational outcomes and fosters a collaborative approach to education.

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Capture pupil voice confidently and easily

Our platform allows you to capture pupil voice confidently and easily through user-friendly tools that gather feedback on well-being and learning experiences. This data empowers educators to tailor support and improve educational outcomes, ensuring every student’s voice is heard and valued.

Accelerate and sustain progress & attainment

Our framework and technology accelerate and sustains progress and attainment by providing personalised learning strategies based on comprehensive data analysis. This ensures consistent academic growth and supports long-term educational success for every student.

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