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Tej Samani.

Researcher. Coach. Speaker. Entrepreneur.

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PL talks to Luke, a student at Greenwood Academy

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About our founder

Tej has spent 13 years researching how pupils learn. He has developed five science-based approaches delivered through technology and coaching programs across primary and secondary schools, and most recently, the justice sector, all focused on accelerating performance. Tej’s work has been published in esteemed academic journals such as Artificial Intelligence in Education and, most recently, Mind, Brain and Education as well as TES, Forbes and The Financial Times.

Performance Learning has been deployed across 300 institutions across the U.K. In this breakout session, Tej will share how capturing pupil voice and teaching pupils how to learn can enable even the most hard-to-reach students to double their exam results in just two terms.

With a PhD thesis focused on improving exam results and assessments in schools, Tej has dedicated his career to advancing educational outcomes. He has built five EdTech companies that service schools, parents, and prisons, implementing innovative, science-based approaches to learning.

Tej’s contributions to education and technology have been widely recognised. He is the youngest recipient of the Freeman of the City of London award and serves as a One Young World Ambassador, further highlighting his commitment to making a global impact.


Tej spends time with Performance Learning, trying to help the most hard-to-reach learners in some of the most struggling schools where students from all walks of life face varied challenges. Outside of schools, his clientele includes senior members of the Royal Family through to Hollywood executives.

He is a regular podcast guest for the likes of the edTech podcasts and can often be found at roundtable discussions for organisations such as the tmrw institute. Tej has been featured on BBC World Service discussing the importance of sleep and presented at the 2017 Global Education & Skills Forum in Dubai.


Over a decade of research, development, and investment has gone into making Performance Learning what it is today. Having partnered with Oxford Brookes University University, University College London’s Institute of Education and Coventry University, Tej continues to push the frontiers of education research.

For ten years, Tej has taken a multidisciplinary approach to develop technology and framework that focuses on the core question, ‘what is the most sustainable and transferable way to boost performance, and can this be delivered through AI?’To date, Tej has first-authored four peer-reviewed papers in the Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education.

The only way to change the world and make it a better place is to positively influence the generations that today look up to you.

— Tej Samani