Skills, behaviour and well-being: The trifecta of achievement delivered by our technology and blended live coaching.

Our cutting-edge technology and coaching program is backed by 12 years of research, development, and evidence. We’ve dismantled the barriers to learning by providing the tools you need to thrive, focusing on well-being and skills enhancement.

By integrating behavioural and well-being indicators with academic data, we offer valuable insights to transform learning habits and proactively intervene when necessary.

Hear the magic of Performance Learning



It gives me an insight into what actually worries my child and what the triggers are and therefore I can support him better at home.


PL assessment helped us in understanding the children's struggles.


We will undoubtedly continue to use the program.


Very skill-full



Performance Learning has become a cult in our school!

Further Education

In 6 months, we were able to identify through the use of PL more than £60,000 in cost savings.


The assessment provides the space for young adults in custody to explore their personal barriers to learning.

API Partners

We are using their diagnostic tools to provide a reliable, all-in-one platform to job seekers.