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Pupil voice, simplified.

We help your pupils enhance their well-being and retention skills and manage exam anxiety while providing you with transformative data on well-being, resilience, and behaviour.

The earlier they master ‘how to learn,’ the better they will perform and cope as they grow older.

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10 years of improving exam results and changing young lives

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Performance Learning helps capture pupil voice and accelerate learning

Foresight captures pupils’ voices and accurately assesses pupils’ learning readiness by analysing metacognitive development, motivation levels, attitudes and behaviours, well-being, and learn-to-learn skills.

Soar provides your pupils with personalised coaching to help improve their readiness to learn, from retention skills, time management, and managing exam anxiety to energy and sleep.

Thrive evaluates pupils’ readiness for entrepreneurship and workplace skills. Focusing on skill development, behaviour and industry, Thrive allows you and your pupils/learners to identify and develop entrepreneurship and workplace skills.

Starting early, Thrive for Younger Pupils helps build soft skills and identify talent and entrepreneurship early on in their school life. From improving behaviour to core skills like teamwork and collaboration to understanding emotions.

The software is very impressive, and their face-to-face work is indispensable.

If you are a school looking to improve its educational outcomes and provide students with the tools to succeed, investing in Performance Learning should be a priority.

— Jordan Philliskirk,Assistant Head, Achievement & Standards, Scalby School

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We’re changing how schools capture progress data and how pupils learn

We’re revolutionising the way schools capture progress data and how pupils learn by integrating cutting-edge technology and data analytics into the educational process.

Our innovative approach enables real-time student performance tracking, providing educators with actionable insights to effectively tailor teaching strategies. This not only enhances the learning experience but also ensures that each pupil’s progress is accurately monitored and supported, paving the way for a more personalised and effective education system.

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