Uncover the specific needs of your learners, from their academic skills to their worries and anxiety triggers, with our tailored college assessments, tracking and skills analysis.

Giving you the foresight and data you need to make targeted, bespoke interventions before they become barriers to learning.

Secondary School Learners

Reasons you'll love Performance Learning

Initial assessments
Individual skills analysis
Perception analysis

Initial assessments

Your learner’s first port of call involves completing an initial formative assessment. Taking just 15 minutes to do - often in an IT lesson, this initial assessment takes a birds-eye snapshot of their capabilities before they embark on their personalised learning pathway.

Increasing Student satisfaction

Student perception/satisfaction surveys (on Induction and on course) key for College KPI’s on student satisfaction and evidence for Ofsted particularly around safeguarding and teaching and learning. Student focus groups held throughout the student journey. Ofsted FE Student surveys during inspection and the external FE Choices Survey (these are published)

  • PL identifies student’s perceptions of their learning and towards the organisation in advance so that interventions can be made prior to survey release

  • Ofsted deep dives will explore student satisfaction

  • Increase student voice and student focus groups in a more meaningful and positive way as students begin to learn about themselves and their own development at the organisation

  • Increase your FE Choices and Ofsted student satisfaction surveys to avoid hitting Ofsted and ESFA inspection and audit triggers


Tutorial and Student Reviews

How can Performance Learning can enhance your current systems and processes:

  • Tutorial and Student Reviews

  • In depth individual feedback on student performance wellbeing and skills which is a catalyst for setting SMART targets for students on Promonitor or other e-portfolio systems

  • Mid year assessments demonstrating distance travelled which is easily extractable to input into student e-portfolio, including summative end of year assessments for progression

  • Provides a good understanding of how each student best learns to provide teaching and learning information for differentiated/individualised learning techniques

  • Supports observation processes allowing for in depth group profiles for planning, teaching and learning

  • A clear evidence base for Ofsted visits


Achievement and success

Predicting achievement and actual achievement at department and college level:

  • A more robust process of predicting achievement, providing an in depth understanding of current academic performance, mental wellbeing and barriers to learning

  • Clear identification of ‘at risk’ students with intervention plans for staff to follow to support low achieving students

  • Supports the colleges quality processes to improve teaching, learning and personal development to provide an accurate picture of achievement rates at subject sector area level

  • Individualised online programmes to help students gain higher grades

  • Increased achievement rates across departments


What other leading colleges say about Foresight

Edgeborough School

Performance Learning has provided an insight into their pastoral, social and academic development, allowing us to identify and celebrate strengths, as well providing information regarding areas for focus or development.


Burton & South Derbyshire College

Sessions addressed potential or emergent needs early on to limit the negative impact they may go on to have on learner wellbeing and progress.


Knole Academy

Amazing system, the anonymised online questionnaire profiles students incredibly accurately.


Brighton Hill Community School

The data that is generated allows analysis and intervention that was not previously possible



Our school found Performance Learning’s Diagnostic Assessment and Reporting Technology to be very easy to use and highly recommend it to other schools.


Strathallan School

The detailed test analysis by PL confirmed that we were on the right track with certain individuals.


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