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Performance Learning’s impact On Progress 8 During Covid-19

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Progress 8 scores (based on 2019 values used by DfE) in March of Year 10 when we started the programme were +0.5 for the Performance Learning Cohort and +0.2 for the remainder of the cohort.

Progress 8 scores (based on the 2019 values used by DfE) for Summer of Year 11, final CAG were +0.94 for Performance Learning and +0.27 for the remainder of the cohort,
This is a calculation based on everyone who we initially identified for Performance Learning.
“Despite the disruptions to the programme and the difficulty of causal links in education, pretty impressive stuff.”
Dave Collins, Headteacher.
students learning
students learning


Maintaining motivation during the pandemic is nearly impossible; however, an absolute necessity to ensure ‘lost learning’ remains rhetoric instead of a reality.

Knole Academy’s SLT engaged with Performance Learning to simultaneously safeguard mental health and wellbeing during the height of the pandemic and target intervention.

Adopting Performance Learning’s assessment and reporting technology to identify and target intervention and their virtual and in-person sessions, Knole selected a cohort of Year 11’s to access Performance Learning’s resources.



The majority of class 11 students involved in Performance Learning found it motivational and inspiring; students who had been going through the motions were suddenly working with renewed enthusiasm.

They had clear goals and targets, combined with the methods to achievethis. There was a buzz within the group and great (healthy) competition between students.Unfortunately, COVID has disrupted the learning environment for learners worldwide, but with Performance Learning ours. Still, in PL, most of the students have continued to engage positively with remote learning, and the school will be introducing Performance Learning the program to Year 10 as soon as possible.


it is simple to deliver, and students can see immediate results and have precise methods for revision.

Learning and wellbeing, side by side, can be developed, and areas such as retention skills, exam anxiety and confidence can be built both physically and virtually through Performance Learning’s various support.


“I would highly recommend it to all schools. Tej is an inspiration to students and staff. The Performance Learning Technology methods are so effective that we have now rolled them out to every one of our pupils. We also offered the techniques to students who are not on the PL program. We will undoubtedly continue to use the program and look forward to introducing it to Year 10 when we return from lockdown.”

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