Designed to empower your learners to know more about themselves, their unique learning styles and how they can maximise their own progress.

SOAR is a further education learning platform that provides them with the skills they need to perform at a higher level, with bespoke academic and well-being coaching via our dedicated online learning platform.

Secondary School Learners

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Performance Learning

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Personalised Pathways

After their initial assessment, your young person will embark on their own personalised online learning experience. Designed to meet their specific skills and needs, the platform dynamically delivers appropriate and fun lessons and courses from our bank of thousands.

What other leading establishments say about Soar

Burton & South Derbyshire College

The two pronged benefit of Performance Learning will dramatically aid learner retention whilst also ensuring they continue with the right frame of mind to succeed.


Castle Court School

We have used the test analysis to pinpoint individual pupil concerns to help direct our pastoral care.


Knole Academy

The impact on the students who have undertaken the programme is massive


Brighton Hill Community School

The system is able to provide rich data which allows us to create bespoke programmes to really support our students where they need it most. Thoroughly recommended.



I'm excited by the potential impact PL’s online lessons might have on developing our pupils’ metacognition and in turn helping them to understand how to be better learners.


Lynch Hill

The Performance Learning program has been a revolutionary tool for pupil progression and success.


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