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Mental health problems and challenges have been on the rise since the last decade and COVID 19 has made the situation even worse, this alarming rate of increase in mental health issues has created a need of additional efforts from schools, teachers and parents to help pupils deal with this very important issue.

Some schools do put efforts and funds in various resources,

staff, extracurricular activities and other assets to help students deal with mental health challenges but they rarely any of them can measure the impact that these efforts do to their learners and eventually these resources get dried up due to their investment only nature as there is no fixed method to measure the ROI.

On one hand where schools measure the academic intelligence of students through a complete process, series of tests and exams, on the other hand when it comes to measuring the outcomes of efforts on mental health and wellbeing, most schools fail as they do not have a system which can provide numbers, statistics and data after analysing their students for mental health and wellbeing.

HOW Performance Learning helps.

Looking for the solution on the need of a system which can provide with data on mental health and wellbeing we developed an AI based solution.

We talk about the PL score itself and at Performance Learning we took an year to create a matrix so that we can have just one single number that standardises progress, standardise mental health, which can help simplify things for school and learners and when used in schools like Brighton Hill Community School, the results were remarkable.

Chris Edwards, head teacher at Brighton Hill Community School says:

“It is difficult to put a number on the areas like mental health, the progress, etc. but to be able to do that is really helpful for us as it was not tangible to say that how much changes or impact the school has made on the students and now they have the PL scores that allows them to do that and it is really a valuable thing”.

What PL enabled them to do is to identify areas very early that wouldn’t necessarily come out

and also they liked the interface where it is lastly anonymous and the questions are non-threatening and that produce a very valuable set of data whereby they can drill down to the individuals and look at where the individual barriers are, which fit in really well with the students support packages that they have in place as PL is all about removing barriers to learning. Removing barriers has let the success come through and PL was really helpful in doing so.

HOW Performance Learning fits in with the school staff.

PL helps teachers understand their pupils performance based on their behaviour in classroom, understand how they learn and help them make personalised action plan for each learner by simply looking at the data which PL provides them with.

What PL does working with them is to look at how they can give students work and make it less overwhelming.

Chris says:

“Every staff member of the school who have been told about PL are fully on board as a team as when they drill down and looked at the outcome for individual students they match largely with what they know about the child which shows the accuracy of the system and also PL lets them know what they didn’t already know about and they’re looking forward to see how PL expands and become even more valuable in this current climate. The first time they have started using PL, the light bulb moment for them was they’re dealing with children who are overwhelmed by the amount of English and Maths work that they get and they were dealing with that by giving more English and Maths work, 

So they would say to all the other teachers ‘I Have looked at the system it’s wonderful what it can do, we’re benefiting largely from it. If they choose not to take it then that’s their loss It doesn’t bother me’ “It is working really well with us all the staff is on board with us. And I can see this being really beneficial for our students.”

analyse the impact

This is how Chris and his school was able to analyse the impact that they had on their pupils’ mental health by simply looking at the data that PL provided them with. This data helped them make a personalised action plan for their students and keep an eye on the wellbeing of their students.

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