Bringing wellbeing
and skills into
the classroom

An all in one platform and qualification that enables you to boost academicperformance and nurture wellbeing inside and outside of the classroom.

Secondary School Learners

“Provides a clearer understand of children's struggles and how this might affect their learning”

- Helen Bonser, Headteacher Langmoor Primary School

Welcome to Performance Learning

All in one assessment, online learning and regulated teacher training -
designed to enhance classroom cultures and boost exam performance.

Nurture excellence and resilience by uncovering the specific needs of all your learners, from their academic learning obstacles to their anxiety triggers, with our tailored assessments.

Empower your learners as they perform at a higher level with bespoke, personalised skills and wellbeing coaching via our online learning platform.

Embed a culture of excellence and high performance in your classroom, while enhancing your CPD with our regulated Level 3 Diploma in Performance Learning.

Try Performance Learning in your School


Pick 2 year groups to try our assessment, intervention and up-skilling platform


After a 15 minute assessment with each learner, book a call with us to discuss your results.


Once you’ve seen the results, we’ll produce a 1-page action plan to help you get the most from each learner.

Receive OFQUAL training and teacher assessments

Easily assess signs of stress and social, emotional and mental wellbeing

Receive one-page action plans and indicators for pupils

Face-to-face reporting of key findings and results

Individual, personalised learning pathways and action plans

Access to 60,000 learning resources

Hear what our 7 - 11 year olds have to say:

Enhance Retention

Managing Emotions

Hear what other leading schools say about Performance Learning

Langmoor Primary School

We found the Performance Learning data very beneficial for analysing children's learning behaviours.


Strathallan Prep School

Staff were unanimous that Performance Learning would dramatically improve emotional literacy and academic readiness.


Langley Preparatory School

TThe pupils found the assessment easy to follow and understand, it was very intuitive.


West Hill Park Prep School

A thorough assessment. Insightful and gives students time to reflect without the pressure of a 'right' answer.



Performance Learning’s Assessment and Reporting Technology is very easy to use, we highly recommend it to other schools.



Have us come into
your school


Targetted (live coaching), up to 3 SLT meetings to discuss your assessment results and use of our learning technology.

We will also on board your students and teachers via our live assemblies.

Use our technology and
online training


Use of our assessment and learning technology.

For groups over 100 we shall happily include virtual sessions and on-boarding assemblies.

A blend of us coming in, training
you and using our technology


(Live + Online)

A blend of both world.

Roughly every 4 weeks we come in and deliver targetted coaching to your most 'at risk' students while they use our online assessment and learning platforms.

Ready to try Performance Learning in your school?