Diagnostics and Reporting

Learning Assessments

Take a snapshot of your child’s intellectual and emotional abilities, discover predicted grades and learn how your at-home learning can best support their learning and success.

Supporting at-home learning

Our Learning Assessments are designed for parents who feel confident in the tools and learning resources already in place at home but would like an easy way to assess where their child is before continuing with at-home learning.

Delivered as a one-off 15-minute set of questions, our assessments aim to help you pinpoint where your child is struggling, whether emotionally or academically before they become long-term barriers to success

Giving you the data you need to focus your efforts at home with an even better, targeted and more informed home-learning regime.

8 Ways Our Assessment Can Help Your Child

Reasons you'll love Performance Learning

Support Your At-Home Learning
Spot Early Warning Signs
Forecast Exam Results

Support Your At-Home Learning

The assessment allows you to focus your resources at home to deliver optimal home learning, giving you the edge you need to effectively plan and carry out additional at-home learning.

Meet our Performance Learning parents

“I don't think there is anything that is equal to this”

“Giving me insight into what worries my child and what the triggers are so, I can support him better at home”

Let's look at some of our lessons

Sleep and wellbeing
Power Quadrant
Heavy-text subjects

Learn to manage feelings and thoughts with the lifelong skill of everyday mindfulness, any time of the day.

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