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Enhancing sleep to improve results

Provide your child with positive habits for a healthy sleep routine to improve wellbeing and participation at school and overall confidence.

PL has helped us with our learning

Katie, Year 6

Through Performance Learning I have learnt new techniques to improve my reading, memory and organisation skills.

Joao, Year 11

Performance Learning made it easier to memorise long pieces of content.

Saif, Year 8

Saif, Year 8, Performance Learning understands us and helps my memory. I got 100% in GCSE Science.

Bethany, Year 6

Performance Learning will help in my exams because it will help me by 100000% in reading and organising.

Adam, Year 6

After my Performance Learning Lesson, I am getting more maths ticks in tests.

Hear what parents and teachers have to say:

Performance Learning has been a life changer

It's a tool that effectively removes barriers.

Rebecca, Parent

I loved my Performance Learning experience and would not hesitate to recommend this.

Lestyn, Parent

I don't think there's anything that is equal to Performance Learning.

Heather, parent

Performance Learning actually works well, for any child of any ability.

Ali, Parent

Performance Learning gives me an insight into what actually worries my child and what the triggers are and therefore I can support him better at home.

Jaymini, Parent

Performance Learning is not limited to your studies, it is also expanding your vision to your life after school.


Have us coach your child


Before the event, we invite your child to complete our short, 15-minute online assessment.

Allowing us to tailor their coaching to their specific emotional and intellectual needs.

Learn how to help them at home


Training programmes and access to our learning platform.

A good option for younger years, transition years and if your child does not have critical exams around the corner but you want to build their core learning skills.