How our all-in-one platform works in your prison

Discover more about the features that make up Performance Learning's prison education platform and how it can help you upskill and promote education and higher performance across your population.

Secondary School Learners

Performance Learning in 4 easy steps

Alongside our OFQUAL-regulated qualification, Performance Learning's ed-technology is segmented into 4 easy to use steps that carefully assess, train, re-assess and track your Young Offender's performance.



A simple, quick and insightful 15-minute assessment that helps you identify behavioural, perceptual and mental health challenges before they become obstacles to Young Offender learning - while accurately predicting future qualification results and behaviour.



A personalised approach to Young Offender education. Structured across 5 learning levels, our prison education programs and pathways are tailored to every Young Offender to give them the skills they need to improve their skillset and subject knowledge.



Post-lesson assessments to discover your Young Offenders’ emotional and intellect scores. These scores, when combined, form the basis of our adaptive intelligence - to improve both cognitive and metacognitive capabilities.



Allow Young Offenders to feel empowered while tracking their own success within their personal dashboard. Everything they do across their assessments and correctional education courses is stored and on display at all times to educational staff and key stakeholders to give real-time updates on their intellectual and emotional progress.

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