What is Performance Learning ?
"I went from a C to an A* in my physics thanks to Performance Learning. Need I say anymore.” - Monica Dos Santos, Northumberland Park Community School

Improving Learning to Maximise Potential

Performance Learning® is a proven system dedicated to helping pupils understand more about themselves – from their sleep through to how they retain information – to improve how they learn and maximise their potential.

Our sophisticated digital platform and cutting-edge assessments accurately predict, monitor and evaluate student performance. Performance Learning® Lessons are delivered through a combination of online, face-to-face and cloud-based learning via trained tutors.

Along with our weekly lessons, we have developed the Performance Learning® Online Analysis (PLOA) which provides schools with a unique behavioural profile of each of their pupils. It gives each pupil a Performance Learning Predicted Grade and assesses various aspects of their lifestyle (from sleep, time management, retention and recollection of information to stress and anxiety).

Developed over nine years and deployed across Primary Education (commencing in Year 5) through to Higher Education, our curricula and technology has been developed for students and pupils with the core academic and performance skills they need to succeed – and thrive – on their academic journey.

Why Academic institutions Work With Us

A Personalised Solution to Learning that Works

Performance Learning® is a completely personalised solution to learning, created by a former struggling pupil and his core team of teachers to help similar, struggling pupils and their teachers.

“Performance Learning have really benefited our pupils, they have learnt new skills and how to approach test conditions. It has also benefited their emotional learning behaviours, looking at sleep patterns, staying calm and confidence in approaching new learning. The children have learnt about retention and learning and how to memorise new learning” – Lindsey Dixon, Beacon Academy

We achieve our success by either placing our own Performance Learning® Accredited Tutor (who is trained and employed by us) in your institution or we deliver our 100%-recommended teacher training to your own teachers, tutors, learning support mentors and NQT’s.

Having been proven in four white papers, ranging from Oxford Brookes University to the Institute of Education, we work with Primary and Secondary Schools, Further Education Colleges and Universities around the world. We have more than seven years of research and development and four years of success implementation within education. We are currently tracking a four year proven record in improving test scores and exam results.

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