And some from our teachers

When asked “What insights did this training give you in terms of helping your learners to study more effectively?”

Made me more aware of blockers to effective learning i.e. effective sleep

David Froud, Beacon Academy

Understanding that all are different and have different challenges outside school in terms of home learning

Natalie Newbold, Lea Forest Academy

The importance of sleep, but also how we need to be more dynamic about informing / influencing parents

Inga Elphick, Harbour Primary and Nursery

And some more from our students

“I manage my time a lot so I work faster and I don’t panic. I am also improving on sleeping early so I don’t get cranky and tired.”

Edha, Year 6, GEMS The Winchester School Jebel Ali, Dubai

“I feel so much more confident in school thanks to my Performance Learning Lessons and I am getting better grades in Science and Maths”

Megan, Year 11 , Northumberland Park Community School, London, UK

I got distinctions in my exams thanks to this PL

Lucy Wise , Post Graduate Student, Oxford Brookes University

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