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In The Room Training

This blended approach, with our technology, and our live training has been key to the improvements both academically and emotionally, in the schools we’ve worked with over the last decade.

The team, led by our founder Tej Samani will speak directly with your students.

Whether it’s in the classroom or in an assembly format, our topics cover everything from booster sessions aimed at overcoming a shared obstacle within a group to motivational talks to help get students back on track to virtual events on how students can transform their personal learning habits.

“Today’s Performance Learning Lesson was great, not only did I improve my grades, but I did 2 hours straight work without getting distracted.”

Year 10

“Performance Learning will help in my exams because it will help me by 100000% in reading and organising.”

Year 6

“I feel Performance Learning will help me learn new content better.”

Year 11

“I will say Performance Learning is amazing.”

Year 6

“In my Performance Learning Lessons I’ve learnt a lot of ways to help me with my education and how to make it better.”

Year 7

“Thanks to Performance Learning, we had an R.E. exam and I was able to remember key words and meanings.”

Year 10

“Performance Learning helps me a lot. Especially through revision prep before exams.”

Year 11

“From my Performance Learning Lessons I feel prepared for everything in my exams.”

Year 11

“Performance Learning has helped discipline me, keeping me focussed for longer periods of time.”

Year 11

“Go to Performance Learning as it makes an amazing improvement!”

Year 6

Intensive Booster Sessions

Intensive booster sessions are designed to re-invigorate and motivate students following a year of disruption. Our two-hour interactive sessions will not only equip students with high-impact learning strategies and organisation tools but will also teach them how to overcome their specific barriers to learning to help them to regain confidence which will inspire them to reach their goals.

Our booster sessions are available on request and are tailored around the specific needs of your school or cohort. (For optimum results, booster sessions should be delivered after assessment diagnostic questionnaire results)

Virtual events

Join our seven student conferences designed to show students how to transform their learning habits to maximise their achievement and progress.

Each event will focus on one of seven learning pillars which are essential to effective learning.

Performance Learning Roadshow 2022

As the world opens up, celebrate learning and strive for success at our student roadshows. Following months of screen gazing, limited interaction and working in isolation, our students are ready to come to life and to feel the buzz that our lively and dynamic roadshow brings.

Our Performance Learning roadshow is a social event where interaction and communication are essential. Helping students to re-energise, socialise and communicate, while rebooting deep thinking and teaching students powerful learning strategies.

Motivational Talks

Our motivational speakers will inspire students and give them a passion for learning and a renewed determination to succeed.

Whether your focus is on raising boy’s achievement, improving attitudes of disengaged students, or simply raising aspirations and levels of engagement across the school, we will give students the push they need.

Motivational speakers are available on request, and talks can be designed to cater to your students’ needs. All speakers are education specialists and/or teachers/school leaders with a proven track record of affecting change.

Live Seminars for 2021/22

All in-person sessions are delivered onsite and observe COVID friendly restrictions.


Pick a date below to give your students a boost with Performance Learning Live or email to discover how we can deliver a bespoke event to tackle the very specific needs of your students.


Book your child a space at one of our Performance Learning Live virtual events. From overcoming worries and dealing with stress, to developing positive sleeping patterns and tackling complex subject material – set them up for success with Performance Learning Live.

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