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Performance Learning regularly hosts seminars in person and via live webcast covering a range of important subjects to help children improve their results in and out of school. Register your interest below and we will inform you of when the next seminar is.

Beat Exams With Exam Ninja

Learn the ways of an exam ninja. These tactics have been proven to improve results by 2-3 grades at a minimum!

Erase Mental Health Problems

Learn the 5 signs of school-related mental health problems in your child and how to navigate away from them so your child can thrive

Level up Your grades

A 3-level jump in 12-weeks is much easier than you are currently being led to believe at school. Here, click here to listen to Luke who went from an E to A in 8 weeks!

Art Of Revision

Revision is an art, and to make it become a masterpiece all you need is a system.Which will make it become easy and rewarding.