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A major increase in the amount of work, significant and real weekly pressure, a wide range of demanding subjects and an ever increasing school and social life are just some of the challenges learners face at this stage in their academic career.

Your learners at 11+/Key Stage Three are entering a new phase of their academic life. School pressures, new friends and the overall transition of growing up are just a few of the concerns facing your young people, let alone how well they do in their exams, tests and day-to-day in school.

It’s at this stage your learners can lay the foundation for great results, both now and in the future. A young person’s motivational and organisational skills are key factors in determining success.

Laying the foundations for the future

The Performance Learning® Secondary Curriculum works to remove the barriers to successful studying (such as cognitive overload, stress and low self confidence). The soft skills embedded in the weekly Performance Learning® lessons teach the skills of self management in phases. This, allied to the technical skills taught throughout the curriculum, greatly increases the potential for academic success.

The combination of PLOA Secondary, the Performance Learning® Lessons and tracking through helps learners at this stage get into an optimal learning zone and stay there.

Channeling stress and anxiety, managing emotions, retaining and recalling lots of diverse information is not only essential but a matter of survival to achieve the maximum grades possible.  Our weekly Performance Learning® Lessons ensure this. Here is how we can start to work with you and your students:

We Understand the Challenges You Face

Funding constraints, changing policies, the drive to demonstrate improving exam results each year and the constant measuring of academic success. These are just some of the challenges facing secondary school teachers and leaders. What should be the main focus – the quality of teaching, pupil care, wellbeing and student experience – can get increasingly pushed aside by external pressures.

At Performance Learning we especially appreciate the problems encountered by teachers around behaviour management, which can be a key factor that affects academic outcome. Every student in every classroom has their own unique behaviours, habits, routines and learning styles. The Performance Learning Online Analysis (PLOA) helps us identify what’s most unique about each child and exactly what areas they need to focus on to make the improvements we all believe they can.

Results & Benefits for Your Students

Recalling and retaining subject specific information

Learning how to transform complex problems into simple solutions.

Planning with bespoke, accurate and structured revision

Managing time and preventing cognitive overload through efficient and specific frameworks

Reducing stress and exhaustion and thus preventing mental overload

Preventing sleep deprivation, fatigue and burnout

Performance Learning helps

13-16 year olds by :

Mastering the ability to retain and recall large, diverse amounts of information in the space of weeks.

Mentally organising, structuring, solving and understanding simple to complicated formulas, equations and numerical based facts with ease.

Planning your work around your sleep – wake cycles, your energy levels, nutritional intake and alertness.  Precision engineering as opposed to overload and volume.

Knowing how and having the framework (which we give you) to stay ahead of your workload, and in control of your time.

Listening to your body, sleeping more, respecting your innate requirement to recover fully – all achieved through our Performance Learning Sleep Modules

Performance Learning helps

16-18 year olds by :

Leaving nothing unmemorised or out of your brain. The Performance Learning Retention and Recollection months are designed to do the work for you. Follow the steps and you will succeed.

GCSE’S were about remembering as much as you could, now it is about showing depth, understanding and knowledge.  The Performance Learning Advanced Content Map will take care of this for you.  It works.

Daily goal-retention sheets, weekly tracking through PLOA, subject specific outcomes. It is all in the detail at this stage. Follow what we give you, and we will make it simple for you.

Power napping, visualising, letting your brain get to work while you switch off and assimilate, accumulate and recover.

From a 10-year game plan to university application support, your final moments of Performance Learning will ensure you are ready to take on the world.

Monica Dos Santos

“I went from a 'C' to an 'A*', need I say anymore? “

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