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What We Do .

We massively improve the results of hard to reach students.

We help pupils learn, and learn better.

nb: not just hard to reach students!

We change their behaviours.

We build their confidence.

We boost their understanding.

We get them to engage and stay engaged.

Giving Your Pupils The PL Edge We Make Learning Extraordinary<br /> provides.

Proven by science and supported by evidence, with over 10,000 successful cases.

Comprehensive assessments

User-friendly portal

Personalised learning pathways

Online learning modules

Blended ‘live’ coaching

High pupil engagement

Teaching pupils how to learn, not just what to learn

Data-driven insights

Sustainable support throughout the pupil’s educational journey and beyond

Why should a school continue o use PL Education?

Unlocking Every Student’s Potential with Personalised, Engaging Support

We maximise the potential of all students, including those who are hard to reach.

We ensure high levels of engagement.

We tailor our approach to each individual student, unlike traditional teaching methods.

We offer personalisation: the system evolves as the student develops.

We provide continuous coaching.

We offer face-to-face support and coaching.

We provide cost and value: more economical the longer the contract runs.

We close every gap... energy, engagement, knowledge, ability to learn and self-belief.

Students are treated as individuals with tailored support.

Results dramatically improve.

And it gets cheaper over time.

Two different models, with implications for scaling.

coaching + materials...

not online.

assessments + coaching...

especially for ‘struggling’ students.

B3 c.

Just what parents want, teachers desire and students will welcome.

Marked improvement in exams.

Engaged and involved.

Learning better and more easily.

Finding school more enjoyable and less stressful.

Much more confidence.

Ongoing better performance and achievement.

Able to recognise their talents and identify career options.