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The 10 steps to implement Performance Learning in your institution
Working together

Working Together to Get Results

From an introduction conducted by a senior member of our team, to assessing your students, to starting to use our lessons, this process details how we can work together to implement Performance Learning in your school or academic institution.

Rich Resources. Bespoke Lessons. Improved Grades.

Teacher Training & Accreditation

Our teacher training and accreditation has received 100% recommendation from the teachers we have trained so far. Performance Learning enables teachers to decrease the amount of time preparing progress reports and enhance grade prediction ability.

“Performance Learning re-ignited my passion for teaching”

Our 10-Step Proven Process

1. Introduction

A detailed presentation on the ‘in’s and out’s’ of Performance Learning, how it works, the background, the day-to-day logistics in your school as well as previous examples and successes.


We conduct a complimentary Performance Learning Online Analysis (PLOA) of your students to accurately assesses their current behaviour and learning patterns (proven over 86% accuracy).

The first step is finding out more about us with a detailed presentation, conducted by a senior member of our team. The purpose of this preliminary meeting includes:

Knowledge – gain full knowledge and understanding of the Performance Learning Technology and Curriculum.

Wish list – this is your chance to share with us a “wish list” of academic, behavioural and learning outcomes for your school to help us design the Performance Learning Curriculum that best suits your school.

Results – understand how we achieve our success rates and positive results.

PLOA – we present the PLOA and show how the analysis is an incredibly powerful resource in understanding your students.

Deployment – gain a clear idea of whether you would like to deploy Performance Learning in your school.

From 30 minutes to 2 hours, this meeting can be as short or in-depth as you wish.

The Performance Learning Online Analysis (PLOA) is an assessment tool that provides schools and academic institutions with a unique behavioural profile of each of their students. It gives each student a Performance Learning Predicted Grade and assesses various aspects of their lifestyle (from sleep, time management, retention and recollection of information through to stress and anxiety).

PLOA is proven to enhance the accuracy of how grades are predicted using our unique algorithm to link lifestyle and behavioural patterns to academic performance. It also provides more accurate reports to senior leaders in the school/institution, the parents (for pupils under 18) and the student themselves so they are better able to assess their own performance and improve their results.

Read more about PLOA here.

3. Debrief

We take you through a full, detailed and thorough debrief of PLOA to your senior leadership team, teachers and any key stakeholders in your school.

4. Proposal

We submit a formal proposal for your sign-off before commencing the launch of the PL curriculum in your school.

Every student in every classroom has their own unique behaviours, habits, routines and learning styles.  It is foolish to think otherwise. The Performance Learning Online Analysis (PLOA) helps us identify what’s most unique about each child and exactly what areas they need to focus on to make the improvements we all believe they can.

During this detailed debrief you are taken through each of your student’s individual profile reports along with a detailed explanation of which Performance Learning Lessons each student needs, the period of time they need to be undertaking Performance Learning and most importantly, the academic outcome we commit to achieving for each student.

Our debrief is offered free of charge, with no commitment required.

Years of research and thousands of assessments have enabled us to produce staggering accuracy.

We delve into the students behaviour across 34 core data points, providing levels of depth in their psychology never seen before.

When conducting a Performance Learning Online Analysis debrief it is important you invite the guardians and gatekeepers within your school to this meeting, our objective is to win over hearts and minds with the accuracy of our analysis as well as eliminate any potential skepticism or doubt that may exist. We operate a results orientated culture and values system within our organisation, if there is anything you hear during this debrief you don’t like and wish to change your mind, we shall walk away, no questions asked or money exchanged.

We submit a formal proposal for your sign off and commence the launch of the Performance Learning Curriculum in your school.

Roughly around 5 days after our PLOA Debrief, we submit a formal offering to your school.

Our contract outlines our mutual commitment to each other.

We are always happy leasing, meeting or discussing anything that may arise with any of your school team (from legal to finance).

Fees are based on your budget, per student, focusing on weekly to yearly engagement.

5. Students

We meet the students who are enrolled in Performance Learning, and ensure they are fully committed, bought in, excited and engaged.

6. Teachers

We train your teachers to deliver the PL curriculum, or deploy one of our teachers in your school, from once to three times per week.

Prior to any lessons commencing, we meet the students who are enrolled in Performance Learning, and ensure they are fully committed, bought in, excited and engaged.  

We exist today because students across the globe believe in Performance Learning and have first hand experienced results from their lessons.

Have a look at our testimonials and see what students in the past have said about us. 

Complimentary – our debrief is offered free of charge, with no commitment required.

Accurate – years of research and thousands of assessments have enabled us to produce staggering accuracy.

In-depth – we delve into the students behaviour across 34 core data points, providing levels of depth in their psychology never seen before.

This session takes one hour and is delivered by the dedicated Performance Learning Teacher we deploy in your school. Should you have opted for us to train your teachers as your preferred method of implementation, then our CEO and Founder, Tej Samani delivers this session to your students.

Training Your Teachers

A major part of Performance Learning is our teacher training and accreditation which has received 100% recommendation from the teachers we have trained so far. Our training is delivered within your schools and involves:

  • Preparation – training and reading prior to the training through our blending learning online platform.
  • Live – four days live training (split over a month to avoid disruption with your school).
  • Support – weekly, monthly and quarterly support and refresher training in your school via phone, email and in person support.

Using a Performance Learning Teacher

Our own Performance Learning Teachers undergo a rigorous interview process, thorough training and in-depth classroom simulation. They are specifically trained, instructed and guided to deliver a minimum of a 8-12% increase in test results in your school, so choosing one of our teachers to be placed in your school delivers immediate results.

Should you prefer us to provide you with one of our experiences Performance Learning teachers as your preferred method of implementation:

  • You meet with the Performance Learning Teacher prior to committing to us working with your school.
  • Your students meet with the Performance Learning Teacher to ensure full rapport is gained right from the outset.
  • Our Performance Learning Teacher is placed in your school and delivers the weekly lessons, provides you with lesson updates and delivers the results to the students.

7. Lessons

Start lessons and present Performance Learning manuals and technology to each student.

8. Dashboard

Log on to your PL dashboard with full tracking and analytics on your learners week by week.

At this point we have reached launch phase, training is complete or your dedicated Performance Learning Teacher is ready to go, letters have been sent to parents, key stakeholders, guardians and gate-keepers are won over, it is time to begin the lessons and get to work.

Lessons can be run within teaching time or afterward – our implementation s bespoke and based on your institution’s culture and needs.

Delivery – weekly lessons are our standard approach, but will be defined by your specific needs.

Compliance – we assure all child protection policies, DBS requirements and overall professional standards are adhered to.

Tools – each student receives their Performance Learning Lesson Manuals and workbooks as well as full access to their dedicated dashboard.

9. Parents

After four of our lessons have taken place, we launch Performance Learning® for Parents.

10. Graduation

Guest speakers and prizes along with a full progress report outlining grade, classroom and behavioural uplifts as a result of Performance Learning.

Graduation for students with guest speakers, prizes acknowledgments along with a full progress report outlining grade, classroom and behavioural uplifts as a result of Performance Learning, put together by our team for you.

Rewards – ranging from clothing, headphones, external trips to exclusive invitations to uplifting and inspiring events around London.

Reflection – looking at the students individual and group journey and transformation.

Inspiration – the graduation ceremony is presented often by a well known member of society.

“Performance Learning have really benefited our pupils, they have learnt new skills and how to approach test conditions. It has also benefited their emotional learning behaviours, looking at sleep patterns, staying calm and confidence in approaching new learning. The children have learnt about retention and learning and how to memorise new learning” – Lindsey Dixon, Beacon Academy

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