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Dear Parents

We understand how stressful it can be to see your child struggle with their studies.

That’s why we promise to double your child’s exam results within 90 days, or we’ll give you free coaching.

Our approach is unique and fundamentally different from traditional tutoring:

We teach how to learn: Traditional tutoring often focuses on teaching specific subject materials. In contrast, we equip your child with essential learning strategies, enabling them to understand and retain information more effectively.

Skills over subjects: While tutors typically concentrate on what to learn, we prioritise developing core skills like retention, time management, and effective study techniques. This makes learning more efficient and enjoyable for your child.

Personalised learning: Through tailored skills assessments conducted before, during, and after our programme, we ensure that your child’s learning journey is fully customised to their needs. This personalised approach helps us address individual strengths and challenges, providing targeted support for optimal results.

Building resilience: We focus on developing your child’s resilience, helping them to overcome academic challenges with confidence. By fostering a growth mindset, we ensure they are better prepared to handle setbacks and continue to strive for success.

Improving well-being: Our holistic approach includes attention to your child’s overall well-being. We teach strategies that promote better sleep, stress management, and a healthy balance between academics and personal life, ensuring that your child remains motivated and happy.

We deliver these remarkable results across all subjects, ensuring comprehensive improvement in your child’s academic performance.

Embedding Lifelong Learning Skills

Live skills   coaching for your child.

Equip your child with the lifelong skills and learning habits they’ll need to effectively apply their knowledge to all subjects and aspects of learning.

Meaning no matter what the subject, whether it’s very technical maths or long comprehension exercises, they’ll have the practical skills and confidence to tackle any subject that gets thrown at them.

This means no more costly resources or tutoring for you and life-long, transferable skills focused on how they learn for your child.

Set across three core themes, our live coaching covers everything from goal setting to emotional readiness and finally, exam preparation.

Our academic coaching programme enhances intellectual skills by teaching students effective learning strategies, critical thinking, and problem-solving techniques. Through personalised sessions, students learn how to organise information, make connections between concepts, and approach challenges with a structured mindset. This improves their comprehension and retention and enables them to apply their knowledge in various contexts, fostering a deeper understanding and intellectual agility.

In the realm of emotional resilience, our academic coaching provides students with tools to manage stress, build self-confidence, and maintain a positive attitude towards learning. By incorporating mindfulness practices, goal-setting, and constructive feedback, students learn to overcome setbacks and view challenges as opportunities for growth. This emotional strength is crucial for sustaining motivation, handling academic pressures, and maintaining overall well-being.

Our coaching focuses on equipping students with efficient revision techniques, time management skills, and test-taking strategies for exam readiness. Through simulated exam environments and practice tests, students become familiar with the format and expectations of their exams, reducing anxiety and enhancing their performance. Personalised feedback helps identify areas for improvement, ensuring students approach their exams with confidence and preparedness.

Programme structure

Live sessions per month

One live session per month with me on ZOOM


Three assessments throughout the year to track progress

Learning platform

24/7 access to our personalised learning platform


Printed workbook delivered to your home

Costs and payment options

Monthly Cost


(Paid Monthly)

Yearly Cost


(Paid Upfront)


Free Coaching

(you will get the results)

Let us make this the best academic year your child has ever had.

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