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Meta-Cognition First Assessment & Learning Platform

Are your Teaching and Learning practices focused on enhancing the meta-cognitive ability and skill of your learners?

Enhancing academic performance while placing the wellbeing of the learner is essential to sustaining and transferring academic performance, whether in the exam hall, classroom or lecture theatre.

In Performance Learning, you will find a technology and curricula that support the learner as a whole, from their perceptions to their behaviours, to their exam results and curriculum engagement.

Whole Learner Development

For too long education systems focus on a ‘teach to test’ model. Our curricula focuses on a ‘how to learn’ model. It does so by placing the mental health and wellbeing of the learner first and foremost.

Blending core academic attainment with up-skilling and wellbeing enables the learner to sustain and transfer their performance across their entire educational journey.

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