Overcome the biggest barriers to learning

Improve outcomes and boost performance by better targeting interventions and nurturing your learners’ emotional and academic skills with Performance Learning.

Helping you to support every learner with the pastoral, social and academic assistance they need to diminish differences in your school…


Boost results and performance


Save money and effectively target resources


Develop learner resilience and wellbeing

“Today’s Performance Learning Lesson was great, not only did I improve my grades, but I did 2 hours straight work without getting distracted.”

Year 10

“Performance Learning will help in my exams because it will help me by 100000% in reading and organising.”

Year 6

“I feel Performance Learning will help me learn new content better.”

Year 11

“I will say Performance Learning is amazing.”

Year 6

“In my Performance Learning Lessons I’ve learnt a lot of ways to help me with my education and how to make it better.”

Year 7

“Thanks to Performance Learning, we had an R.E. exam and I was able to remember key words and meanings.”

Year 10

“Performance Learning helps me a lot. Especially through revision prep before exams.”

Year 11

“From my Performance Learning Lessons I feel prepared for everything in my exams.”

Year 11

“Performance Learning has helped discipline me, keeping me focussed for longer periods of time.”

Year 11

“Go to Performance Learning as it makes an amazing improvement!”

Year 6

Understand areas of strength and improvement

With our simple assessment tools, you can accurately track your learners’ attitudes, state of mind and academic capabilities.

Allowing you to pinpoint which areas your learners are excelling at, the core subjects they’re coping well with, and those areas in need of improvement, likely to impact their chances of success in the future.


Use our analysis and ongoing assessment tools to uncover which emotional and intellectual areas hold your learners back and why.

Whether it’s due to issues at home or difficulties in the classroom, the assessment data allows you to not only understand where they’re struggling but also why.


Give your learners the support they need to overcome obstacles to learning, accelerate overall performance and boost test scores.

Performance Learning places your learners on their own bespoke learning pathway to build high performing skills and behaviours which plays to their strengths, bolsters their weaknesses and supports targeted in-person classroom intervention.

How it works

 The Performance Learning technology’s core purpose is divided into 4 easy to use steps that carefully assess, train, re-assess and track your learner’s performance.

Quick, Simple, Accurate and Relevant.

STEP 1 Relevant Watch Video Assess Simple Quick Insightful Accurate play_circle_outline STEP 2 Flexible Watch Video TRAIN Personalised Targeted Supportive Empowering play_circle_outline STEP 3 Real Time Updates Watch Video Re-Assess Non Intrusive Adaptable Intuitive Harness play_circle_outline STEP 3 Instant Results Watch Video Measure Meaningful Informative Accurate Forecasting Clear play_circle_outline

How Performance Learning Helps

Use Performance Learning to help increase focus, reduce anxieties and boost test results.

Hear from Learners Aged 7 – 12


Provide learners with positive habits for a healthy sleep routine to improve wellbeing and classroom participation and confidence.

Enhance Retention

Teach learners how to learn most effectively and efficiently to make a positive impact on their classwork and their perceptions towards their learning.


Help learners to manage and adapt to their positive and negative emotions so that they can focus on their learning in the classroom.

Hear from Learners Aged 13 – 18


Give learners the tools to manage their learning and empower them to succeed.


Help learners to boost their test and exam results.


Allow learners to take control of their learning process to improve retention and recollection.

Performance Learning in Schools

Performance Learning at Brighton Hill Community School

How Performance Learning enabled Chris and Brighton Hill Community measure the impact they had on their learners’ mental health.

Performance Learning at Knole Academy

How Performance Learning helped Knole Academy.

Pricing & Packages

We’ve worked really hard to create technology at an affordable cost. Our vision is to serve as many learners around the world as possible.

Pricing For Primary Schools

From £2.50 per learner

Pricing For Secondary Schools

From £4.50 per learner

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How To Keep Your Kids (and yourself) Motivated During Lockdown

It seemed as if the world was slowly returning to normal and then more lockdowns were imposed across the globe.

Since using Performance Learning, I am getting amazing scores on my tests and in my work.

Mya, Year 6

I feel so much more confident in school thanks to Performance Learning and I am getting better grades in science and maths.

Megan, Year 11

2020: A year in review

This has been a year like no other. 2020 will forever go down in history as the year of Covid-19, where the world was brought to a standstill by a global pandemic. We were forced to adapt to ‘the new normal’ of masks, curfews, and social distancing