Further education

Improving learner retention, test results and course completions

Performance Learning allows colleges and Further Education institutions to significantly cut costs by targeting resources at those students most at risk of dropping out. Improving learner retention, test results and course completions.


Boost results and performance


Save money and effectively target resources


Develop learner resilience and wellbeing

Year 12

“Exams are coming up and I’m constantly doing knowledge recall tests so my Performance Learning skills can allow me to do quick revision.”

Year 13

“Life changing!”

Year 12

“Performance Learning is so much better than revision. It showed me how I can break down pages of notes/ text books in order to remember, recall and understand.”

year 12

“Performance Learning is very useful for business and subjects with lots of writing.”

Year 13

“Since my Performance Learning Lessons I can recall info quicker and more efficiently.”

Year 13

“The Performance Learning Session was really helpful. I remembered the knowledge a lot faster.”

Year 13

“Performance Learning works, you have to try it and will revolutionise your learning.”

Improve Retention

Save money and increase course retention by better allocating and targeting the support to those identified as most likely to drop out before it’s too late through the Performance Learning Assessment.

Boost Learner Performance and Pass Rates

Improve performance and achieve greater levels of resilience and wellbeing by discovering which areas need support and giving learners the training they need to master these topics and make progress.

Reduce Costs

By giving you a institutionwide view of learners’ attitudes and behaviours to learning, alongside where learners may struggle, you’re able to more effectively allocate resources to where they are needed most. Boosting pass rates and course retention.

How it works

The Performance Learning technology’s core purpose is divided into 4 easy to use steps that carefully assess, train, re-assess and track your learner’s performance.

Quick, Simple, Accurate and Relevant.

Pricing & Packages

We’ve worked really hard to create technology at an affordable cost, our vision is to serve as many learners around the world as possible.

Pricing for Further Education

From £2.50 per learner

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Performance Learning is so much better than revision. It showed me how I can break down pages of notes/textbooks in order to remember, recall and understand.”

Joshua, Student

Life changing!”

Doug, Student

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