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Clear Cut, Ambitious, Necessary.

Eradicating exam failure by boosting performance and bringing the joy back into learning.

We see ourselves as a movement. A movement to eradicate failure by accelerating the performance of learners. We take pride in the fact that a learners’ attitudes and behaviour and their mental health and their well-being takes priority over traditional, content-driven outcomes.

We’ve just found a clever way to transform both at the same time.

If you’d like to help in transforming teaching and learning through cutting edge technology and be part of nearly a decades worth of research, development and proof, get in touch with us and let’s talk shop.

You will get the following committment from us:


Flexible Hours

Insane Satisfaction

Thousands of tutors, teachers, schools and colleges across 3 continents are trained in our curricula.

Our technology has been documented in two white papers, ranging from Oxford Brookes University to the Institute of Education, with more than eight years of research and development and five years of successful implementation within the education sector.

Industry-standard (and beyond) levels of support, resources and training

Through our digital platform, PLEX you receive access to PL Lessons, training resources and materials. You can also choose to receive hard-copy training manuals (in a digital era, it’s sometimes still nice to read).

From a 2-hour training to a 2-year diploma

We have multiple entry points, options and lengths of our training and accreditation. Whichever you choose, you will join our growing list of exclusive Performance Learning Accredited Trainings and become part of our PLATn network.

Let’s go change the world, one learner at a time!