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The Performance Learning digital platform is a unique learning environment that builds high performing skills, behaviours and cultures.

£1.2M in research and development over the last decade has gone into the making the platform, which has now helped over 10,000 learners across 4 continents improve their academic performance and highlight barriers to learning before they take foot.

As an online platform its intuitive, machine learning intelligence coaches a learner through a series of personalised pathways all designed to build resilience and mental toughness in learners, while boosting their test scores and exam results.


It’s three key benefits include:

– Improving exam and test results
– Safeguarding learning confidence and well-being
– Cutting learning costs and support teachers

The driving force behind the intelligent learning pathways is the comprehensive assessment which helps to identify behavioral, emotional and skill-based strengths alongside the key areas that need improvements.



The assessment takes 15-mins to complete and is a fun, intuitive and engaging series of multiple-choice questions that dynamically change based on the learners’ previous responses, intelligently getting to know the learner while they progress through the assessment.

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