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About PL features


A fun, intuitive 15-minute assessment that measures three vital aspects of pupil performance which, through our research, are the most prominent learning barriers. Learners are presented with a series of multiple-choice questions which dynamically change based on their previous response as they progress through the assessment, collecting information on:

– Their Perceptions

– Their Skills

– Their Behaviours



A personalised approach to learning is more sustainable and enjoyable compared to the standard, one size fits all approach many learners face in a school environment. This is where the PL Pathways come in. Thousands of blended learning pathways, based on a learners unique individual intellectual and emotional needs. Designed to improve the learner’s skill set and knowledge. Structured across 5 learning levels, from easy to genius, with each lesson progressing the learner on their journey to better performance.




Once a learner has completed their Pathway, they’re asked to complete a Post-Lesson Assessment, reflecting on what they learned and whether they feel ready to apply that skill within their current programme of work. This provides PL with an ‘E’ score, their ‘Emotion score’, alongside an ‘I score’, their ‘Intellect score’. Both of these measurements form the basis of PL’s adaptive intelligence, which allows a learner to improve their cognitive and meta-cognitive capabilities, and provide them with a truly personalized learning experience.



Every measurement that PL takes is visualised in the learner profile. Which allows a learner to stay on top of their progress over time. Empowering them and encouraging them to take ownership of their learning and development. Making it easy for every stakeholder, from the learner to their parents and teachers to easily see which areas they’re excelling in, and which areas need more attention. The data centre is similar to the pit-stop on an F1 track, providing in-depth personalised analysis enabling the learner to win and keep winning emotionally and intellectually. In addition to learner support, PL has core features aimed at improving the performance of teachers and educational leaders.

Supporting teachers:

PL provides your teachers with insight into their overall educational style, bringing together both intellectual and emotional aspects of their style. It highlights the outcomes they want to achieve within their learning environment, allowing them to adapt and prioritise the areas that PL has identified to drive the changes they want to see in their classroom.

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