Using Performance Learning

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Cancelling Your PL Subscription

Of course, we will be really sorry to see you go and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss it over the phone with you to understand what we can do differently or if there’s a way we can help you make PLEX work harder for you. It’s really simple to cancel your PLEX subscription though, simply send us an email on, and we will be happy to cancel it for you as soon as we can.
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Your Payment Details

To protect you and your payment details, PLEX uses best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high security level at all times. We’re committed to protecting your payment details, keeping them safe and secure for monthly billing purposes; because of this, we will never share your payment details with anyone else other than those directly involved in securely processing subscription payments.
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Your Profile

You can change your PLEX information at any time. This includes your profile image, full name, email address, and password. To change your personal details, head to the Profile Section. To update the email address associated with your account, please email from the email address you registered with.
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