Understanding roles and permissions

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As Mental Health Lead / Pastoral Lead

PLEX allows your mental health lead to safeguard learner’s wellbeing, reduce anxiety and nurture positive habits in and outside of the classroom. By 2025 every school in the UK will have a designated mental health or pastoral lead. The designated leader will be a trained staff member responsible for the school’s mental health approach. Your mental health lead will be able to use PLEX to spot the red flags within individual learners before they become major obstacles to their learning and progress.
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License Owner (Institution)

The institution license owner is the individual school or organization to which a license and permission to use PLEX is given - effectively owning the license within the institution itself. Only one institution will be able to use PLEX on this license; no umbrella or sister schools can access the platform unless they explicitly seek permission from PLEX.
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PL Lead (Institution)

The PLEX lead’s role is to facilitate the institution-wide usage, delivery, and understanding of PLEX across the entire cohort of pupils, teachers, and senior leadership team. Usually, the PLEX lead is a single staff member responsible for liaising with the PLEX team to take on the institution-wide roll out and day-to-day administering of the platform.
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The teacher’s role within PLEX covers: Encouraging the class-wide usage of PLEX. Understanding PLEX’s data. Analyzing the reporting capabilities. Using the data to identify early interventions in learners. Applying the perception analysis results to mould their classroom culture.
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Your Parent Community

When parents support their children’s learning, it can dramatically impact their achievement, behavior and progress within the classroom. PLEX allows parents to understand better how they can do this and their role within their child’s learning and development. PLEX allows your parent community to be more engaged in the attainment and progress of their child while giving them the tools to play an active role in the learning process: With a greater, more in-depth understanding of their child’s intellectual and emotional needs. Allowing them to support their child’s at-home learning and school/home balance. Giving them the ability to check on their progress. Engaging in the parent assessment.
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Your Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team is responsible for the year group-wide distribution of PLEX. Under their direct leadership, their role covers: ● Encouraging the use and uptake of PLEX. ● Advocating the platform to teachers. ● Sharing and tracking results. ● Using results to better target resources and early interventions. ● Comparing cohort, year group, and class, and subject-wide results. ● Holding year groups accountable.
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