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As Mental Health Lead / Pastoral Lead

PLEX allows your mental health lead to safeguard learner’s wellbeing, reduce anxiety and nurture positive habits in and outside of the classroom. By 2025 every school in the UK will have a designated mental health or pastoral lead. The designated leader will be a trained staff member responsible for the school’s mental health approach. Your mental health lead will be able to use PLEX to spot the red flags within individual learners before they become major obstacles to their learning and progress.
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Cancelling Your PL Subscription

Of course, we will be really sorry to see you go and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss it over the phone with you to understand what we can do differently or if there’s a way we can help you make PLEX work harder for you. It’s really simple to cancel your PLEX subscription though, simply send us an email on, and we will be happy to cancel it for you as soon as we can.
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License Owner (Institution)

The institution license owner is the individual school or organization to which a license and permission to use PLEX is given - effectively owning the license within the institution itself. Only one institution will be able to use PLEX on this license; no umbrella or sister schools can access the platform unless they explicitly seek permission from PLEX.
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