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Three reasons why we feel you should consider joining our franchise:

  1. 1. Making a real, sustainable impact in children’s lives
  2. 2. It involves a manageable time commitment but has a high earning potential
  3. 3. Zero start-up costs aside from your passion and determination to help children win in and out of school

Ally, Emma and Shenila are a few of our incredible Performance Learning Franchisee Mums, here’s a very short video where they will tell you how they feel about.

What interests you about Performance Learning?
Why does this interest you?
What do you currently do for a living?
How many hours per week would you dedicate to growing your Performance Learning empire?
Do you currently have children in School? If so, which year groups?
Have you ever taught or presented in front of groups before? If so, please provide us with any details you are happy to share.
What are the best times of the day for us to contact you?
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What is the best contact number to reach you on?