Copy of Performance Learning Coaching Programme Session 3

This is the third session in our Coaching Programme. In this programme, we look at teaching your child the skills they need to help them improve academic performance and support wellbeing. The programme is delivered virtually across five live sessions delivered via Zoom and is open to any child to join. All they’ll need is a school textbook or revision guide and the worksheets we’ll share with you when you are signed up for the programme.

This session is part of our live, 10-week group coaching programme to boost exam results and test scores by improving skills, self-perception and resilience. Sleep & Wellbeing, Revision Planning, Retaining Information, Time Management & Problem Solving are just a few of the areas your child will be taught.

The full programme includes:

  • 5 Live 60-90 min group lessons on Zoom across 10 weeks
  • E-mail summaries and action plans after each lesson
  • Digital worksheets
  • Q&A time for you & your child to ensure bespoke coaching

Here’s a look at what we’ll cover in the programme:


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Jun 13 2021


- London time
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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