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How Performance Learning helped ALU to understand the learning patterns of their students

PERFORMANCE LEARNING IN PARTNERSHIP WITH African Leadership University. Supported by The Provost of ALU, Dr Nhlanhla Thwala & Mimi Mutoni, Former Campus Life Director, ALU.

The African Leadership University – ALU – used the Performance Learning Assessment and results data to help them to identify the needs of their learners so that they could better place their resources and improve their student retention rates.

Through the assessment, they were able to track your learners’ attitudes, state of mind and academic capabilities. Allowing them to pinpoint areas learners were excelling at, and those areas in need of improvement, likely to impact their chances of success in the future.

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HOW Performance Learning Assessment HELPED THE STUDENTS OF ALU

Is it possible to give each student in a classroom the attention they deserve? The larger the classroom the more difficult it is. The fact that each pupil has different learning patterns, behaviors and perceptions makes this even more challenging.

Performance Learning helped ALU deal with this challenge. PL intelligently collected the pupils’ data providing ALU with distinctive learning patterns and recommendations to improve students’ learning experience.

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ALU on the results of Assessment

Furthermore, through the assessment completed by the learners, Performance Learning was able to record the learning habits and patterns of students in ALU. This in turn helped the team at ALU to understand the learning styles. and behaviours of their learners through each student’s own self-reflection.

how ALU plan on using the data

Performance Learning provided ALU learners with data which they found informative, enlightening and useful. In order to get the most out of this data, ALU shared this data with their executive committee, academic team, and wellness team as a guide in designing interventions and programming.

Mimi Mutoni, Former Campus Life Director SAYS:

There is so much that student support teams cannot understand or be aware of when it comes to the needs of students. The sheer number of students being served by the team makes it very difficult to support everyone, especially if they do not approach you. This tool will allow you to gain access to even those students who do not approach or use your services. You’ll also be able to design programs and interventions based on data and patterns identified in your student body.”

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