How To Keep Your Kids (and yourself) Motivated During Lockdown.

It seemed as if the world was returning to normal

Kids going back to school, employers allowing workers to return to the office; 2020 was finally coming to an end!  Spirits were high and then early in the new year, more lockdowns were imposed all across the globe.

For the UK, which has been in some form of lockdown for nearly 9 months, the third lockdown’s restrictions are similar to the very first one, and undoubtedly the most devastating announcement was that of schools closing yet again – leaving learners, educators and especially parents feeling concerned and frustrated.

“the new norm”

Even though online learning and homeschooling have become “the new norm” the uncertainty of not knowing how long it will continue this time around, makes understandably it hard to stay motivated. 

If the thought of having a repeat of the last educational year makes you want to run for the hills (or screaming into a pillow), we’ve got tips on how to stay motivated and keep your child’s learning on track during this lockdown and for any future homeschooling sessions. 

Top 5 tips for keeping your kids motivated while homeschooling


Trying to work from home, while running a household is a tough job, now add to that the fact that your kids also need help with their schoolwork – trying to keep on top of everything, you could easily feel overwhelmed, and drop the ball. 

Although it may sound like just another thing to manage, try to create, and stick, to a routine. Setting out specific times for certain activities at the same time every day, from learning to playtime and even a set bedtime, creates structure and a sense of security, which will help your child thrive in the less-than-normal circumstances. 


If you find your kids struggling to focus during a lesson, or acting out  – it’s time to get physical. With exercise that is!
Just 60 minutes of moderate exercise per week will help physical health and mental wellbeing. We’re not necessarily talking CrossFit style exercises – kids need to have fun remember – so let them do physical activities that they enjoy. Ride a bike, have a quick game of football, even a something as simple as a treasure hunt in the garden is enough to shake off the fog of studying and releasing those happy endorphins. 

Try to add it to your daily routine – having a fun physical activity to look forward to is a great motivator!

Take a break from online

Between remote work and online learning, TV’s and smartphones, it is very easy for your family to spend nearly an entire day in front of some or other type of screen. Limiting screentime is now nearly impossible! Too much screentime can negatively impact your child’s ability to concentrate, their mood as well as affect their sleeping patterns. 

This makes it even more crucial to make a concerted effort to switch off for a set amount of time. Try switching out screen time for a good old-fashioned board game instead of a TV show; you can also or conduct a lesson using real-life examples instead of a computer. Taking regular screen breaks will improve everyone’s mood, which in turn will help with motivation and productivity!

Get Outside

Taking a break from all the screens is the perfect opportunity to get outside and soak up some Vitamin D! Regular doses of fresh air can have multiple health benefits but it also has a significant impact on your mental wellbeing. Getting outside is a great stress-reliever for kids, they get some much-needed exercise while they burn off any pent up energy, breathing fresh air while being in nature also can vastly improve their feelings of anxiety, frustration or depression.

Keep Calm

Easier said than done, right? But your kids are watching you closely, and it’s easy for all the stress and anxiety your feeling to spill over into their emotions and affect their behaviour. 

So even though you might feel anxious about juggling it all and making sure that your kids are not falling behind in their learning, just remember you are doing the best you can for someone who is not a teacher. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, or your child. Maintaining a calm environment will help your child, and your family feel safe, secure and motivated even when it might be chaos.

Putting Intellectual and Emotional Wellbeing First

Just remember, a happy, confident and relaxed child is motivated and performs better.

As important as it is for your child to keep up in their schoolwork and pass their exams and complete their assignments, it is equally as important to place their intellectual and emotional wellbeing first. 

Doing a PLEX Assessment can help you identify your child’s specific needs, from their worries about learning to their anxiety triggers – which in turn will allow you to see exactly where and how you can support your child with those specific skills they need. It’s guaranteed to make learning fun again, which let’s face it, is a win for the entire family! Now it THAT doesn’t get you motivated, nothing will!

To find out more about how PLEX can equip your child with the tools and skills they need to stay motivated and have a positive outlook towards learning, even during lockdown, sign up for a PLEX Assessment.