Assessing through Performance Learning Online Analysis

A unique behavioural profile

The Performance Learning® Online Analysis (PLOA) is an assessment tool that provides schools and academic institutions with a unique behavioural profile of each of their students. It gives each student a Performance Learning® Predicted Grade and assesses various aspects of their lifestyle (from sleep, time management, retention and recollection of information through to stress and anxiety).

PLOA is proven to enhance the accuracy of how grades are predicted using our unique algorithm to link lifestyle and behavioural patterns to academic performance. It also provides more accurate reports to senior leaders in the school/institution, the parents (for pupils under 18) and the student themselves so they are better able to assess their own performance and improve their results.

Each pupil is given a bespoke lesson plan, based on their profile and need. This is delivered digitally with online tutors or in class with teachers supporting their work through Performance Learning® Lessons.

To date, teachers have decreased the amount of time preparing progress reports, schools have enhanced their grade prediction ability, pupils have gained further in-depth knowledge about their own performance and parents in both thriving and low-economic parts of the world have gained vital insight into how their child is performing on a daily basis.

The platform is fully adaptable – as the pupil progresses the content changes. Equally, we use formative, real-time assessment to track progress at the end of every lesson. This is fed back to the pupil and key stake holders within the pupil’s academic environment to help ‘coach’ and ‘empower’ the pupil to succeed. Both academic attainment and emotional, social well-being are the core focus.

A Management Information System

PLOA has been developed through seven years of research and development, by our core team of former struggling pupils working with the world’s leading software creators. It is is currently deployed across four countries and we specialise in multiple site management and location management. Key stake holders are able to see top level and detailed performance (daily) variations within their pupils, teachers and overall sites as often and as frequently as they wish.

It’s core function not only operates as a predictive analysis tool for pupils, parents, schools and teachers but as a full scale Management Information System for schools to utilise our advanced methods of visualising data enabling smoother, cleaner and more empowering decision making.

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PLOA is currently deployed within large colleges, schools and universities across the UK, UAE, parts of Germany and Canada (some of which run into the tens of thousands in pupil – student size).  We have strict encryption policies and are fully registered in the United Kingdom with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office).

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