Tracking & Reporting
Helping you to achieve excellence and outstanding feedback

Whether you are a Primary School, Secondary School, Further Education College or a University; excellent or outstanding teacher and pupil performance all have similar patterns and success measure.

The backbone of Performance Learning is  in our tracking and reporting of progress, not only through our own Performance Learning Curriculum but through the school, college or university.

We help you achieve excellence and outstanding feedback, whether through the Teacher Excellence Framework or Ofsted, by ensuring our tracking and reporting software is:

Teacher Focused

Specific, teacher focused data and analysis so you can learn more about your pupils and adapt or tailor teaching styles and lesson content.

Real Time

Real time assessments to understand how the pupil – student felt about the lesson, their level of engagement and how well they understood what you have taught them.

Automated & Efficient

Weekly automated, scalable teacher – tutor – pupil feedback around time management, retention and emotional management; never dismissing the core of how to learn

Personalised & Individual

Bespoke learning journeys for each student – pupil, clear progress benchmarks for teachers, all delivered digitally

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