Our Vision

Clear Cut, Ambitious, Necessary.

Eradicating exam failure by boosting performance and bringing the joy back into learning

About us

Founded in 2010 with a primary objective of deploying scalable technology to help pupils boost their academic performance.  Our core focus in the early stages had been on improving 11+ and GCSE results. To date £1.2m in Research and Development, 10,364 students across 3 continents see us delivering a 92% success rate.  

Our customers include parents, primary schools, secondary schools and Further Educational Colleges.  Recent activities have seen us apply our technology within the Higher Education Sector, Corporate Sector as well as early trials with Sports teams.

Meet our founder: Tej Samani


Our technology has been documented in two white papers, ranging from Oxford Brookes University to the Institute of Education, with more than eight years of research and development and five years of successful implementation within the education sector.

Through our collaboration with the Institute of Education, we researched that the best approach to enhancing learning outcomes is a combination of digital, offline and live face-to-face coaching, so we offer our learners access to a blended approach to learning.