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9 Things You Should Know When Hiring A GCSE Maths Tutor Online In London

If you are looking for a GCSE maths tutor online, here’s an important guide for you! 

For students, good GCSE grades are paramount to land colleges and courses of their choice. However, considering the complex concepts and constantly changing curriculum, it often gets difficult to ace the exam. 

GCSE maths is particularly known to be challenging, and if your kid struggles with the subject, hiring a GCSE maths tutor online can provide them with the personalised attention and conducive learning environment they need.

We at Performance Learning Coaching bring you this article that covers everything from the benefits of hiring private tuition to how much a GCSE maths tutor costs in London. Additionally, we list down nine important things to consider when selecting a GCSE maths tutor online.

Why Is GCSE Math Challenging?

The number of students who fail the GCSE maths exam every year is staggeringly high. In 2022, the pass rate for the exam was 20.1%, and this year, over 154,000 post-16 students got grade 4 in the subject. Not to mention, resits are also mentally taxing, and scoring worse in them isn’t exactly unheard of. 

Before we highlight the various ways hiring a GCSE maths tutor online can help your child succeed, it is crucial to first understand the different reasons why maths is generally more challenging than other GCSE subjects.

Changing Curriculum

The constantly evolving syllabus and simultaneous lack of tailored guidance for struggling students is one of the main hindrances to good GCSE scores. 

GCSE maths is frequently updated with complex and advanced topics. To add to this, the grading system has also gotten progressively tougher over the years.

In order to fully grasp each concept, students need adequate guidance and personalised attention. Unfortunately, both these things are limited considering the large number of students accommodated in each classroom. 

Lack Of Focus On Critical Thinking Skills

Over the years, GCSE assessment has shifted focus from rote learning to encouraging critical thinking, which is why a solid grasp of fundamental concepts is crucial to scoring well. 

In our setup, since the elementary level, there has been a concerning trend of memorising information without developing any in-depth understanding, which isn’t sufficient for exams and practical applications. 

Teachers and students have failed to adapt to the transition in the assessment style, which is reflected in the results. 

Inequitable Access To Preparation Resources

The range of topics covered in the GCSE curriculum calls for adequate and advanced resource material. While an extensive set of preparation books and maths question banks are available, many of these are expensive and hence unaffordable for a lot of students. 

Other than this, the disparity in financial and general parental support at home is also one of the reasons why many students don’t succeed in GCSEs. This probably also explains why children in the care of social services are twice as likely to fail GCSE maths.

6 Key Benefits Of Booking A GCSE Maths Tutor Online

Now that you know the three major reasons kids fail the exam, here are six ways hiring a GCSE maths tutor online can benefit your child:

Individual Attention

Getting a good GCSE maths tutor online offers your kid focused support in a one-on-one setting. Instead of solely focusing on tuition lessons, we empower your kids with all the resources and coping strategies they need to excel in homework and tests, thus providing comprehensive academic assistance. 

Tailored Learning Techniques

Private tuition is better at accommodating your child’s weak areas of the subject. Many platforms start with an initial assessment of the student’s current maths skills which allows tutors to create lesson plans that help clear the concepts.

At Performance Learning Coaching, we offer a free online 30 minute consultation session, where our team members share a personalised training plan to enhance your child’s motivation and participation in the class. 

One-on-one sessions enable students to progress at their own pace which ensures a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Tutors can focus on providing practice exercises that reinforce better understanding and retention of the taught concepts.

Regular assessments are then used to track a kid’s progress over time. 

Confidence Building

If your child has been performing poorly in school tests, it is likely taking a toll on their mental health and consequently, also affecting their academic progress. 

In our set up, individual attention, tailored teaching methods, frequent constructive feedback, and positive reinforcement help boost a student’s confidence which allows them to excel in exams. 

We essentially teach ‘how to learn’ instead of cramping information. The resultant proven success in learning fosters self-reassurance which makes students better equipped to take on any challenges they face when preparing for the GCSE maths exam. 

Adequate Feedback 

In private coaching, students’ maths skills are periodically assessed and any mistakes are corrected in real time. For example, our students receive regular feedback that highlights areas that require more dedicated learning. 

At performance learning coaching, we also emphasise on regular parent-teacher communication. You receive insights into optimal study routines, and resources that provide a well-rounded educational experience to students. 

This holistic approach goes a long way in ensuring good GCSE maths grades. 

Targeted Exam Preparation

Once your kid has a strong grip on basic concepts, the tutor shifts focus toward targeted exam preparation. We offer GCSE exams revision coaching that includes revisiting high-yield topics, practising GCSE maths past papers, and most importantly, strategic time management. 

The effective revision techniques paired with mock tests make sure your kids ace the exam.


Getting a GCSE maths tutor online is convenient in multifaceted ways. Firstly, the timing is flexible and you can schedule the classes when it suits both the student and tutor. 

Secondly, online tuitions are globally available and offer you access to a wide pool of highly qualified professionals. At Performance Learning Coaching, we offer tuition as well as coaching seminars that parents and students can remotely access from anywhere across the world. 

It is also worth noting that the elimination of travel makes online GCSE maths tuition highly cost-effective as compared to in-person coaching. 

9 Things To Look For When Hiring A GCSE Math Tutor Online

The skills and experience of a private tutor can heavily influence your child’s academic performance. Here is a nine-point checklist you need when booking a GCSE maths tutor online:


Looking through a tutor’s qualifications takes priority when booking an online maths tutor. A teacher should at least have an undergrad degree in maths or an equivalent certificate /diploma in related courses. 

For example, our team comprises experts who not only have command over their respective subject matters, but are also well-trained coaches who can nurture your child’s confidence and learning abilities. 

Specialised Areas Of Expertise

The goal of private GCSE maths tuition is targeted study plans. This is where specialised areas of expertise come in.

If your child is, for example, struggling with calculus, you need a tutor who has adequate related knowledge and strong teaching experience in calculus.


Private online tutors have websites that allow students and parents to post reviews. Before hiring a GCSE maths teacher, it is important to thoroughly check if the potential tutor has good reviews and testimonials from their previous mentees.

Visit our home page to check out great reviews that highlight how our coaches work towards a positive mindset shift, thus helping kids all through their academic life and beyond. 

Previous Track Record Of Results

If you are going for someone who has extensive experience as a GCSE maths tutor online, you must look for the results of their previous students. 

These results are displayed on personal websites and portfolios that you can request when interviewing a potential candidate. 


Looking for a GCSE maths tutor online gives you access to a global network of highly-skilled teachers. If you are hiring someone from a different timezone, it is essential to confirm beforehand if they’re available at a time and on days that you want.

Student-Teacher Compatibility

Private GCSE maths tuition aims at providing students with a conducive learning environment from the comfort of their homes. 

Good student-teacher communication is highly crucial to ensure a productive learning session. For well-developed concepts, it is understandably important that your child doesn’t hesitate to ask any questions. 

In our free consultation session, you will learn how our coaches adapt their teaching style in a way that best suits your kid’s needs.

Quality Of Communication

When assessing a candidate’s skills, you should also see if and how promptly they can respond to queries outside of their teaching hours, especially around the exam time. 

Arrange an interview session and discuss how the teacher plans on updating you about your child’s academic progress. 


Online teaching sessions are arranged through different websites and applications. When hiring a tutor, make sure your preferred platform is accessible in their area. 

Always choose a website that is easy-to-use and is developed well enough to ensure smooth communication without buffering. 

It is worth mentioning that even many otherwise experienced teachers aren’t well-versed with technology. Always make sure to select a candidate who is comfortable with online teaching tools.


There are a lot of highly qualified tutors who bid different prices depending on their skills, experience and track record. Before finalising a GCSE maths tutor online, besides checking availability and educational documents, it is also essential to see if they fall into your budget.

At a remarkably reasonable price, our online coaching equips your children with skills that extend into their lives beyond the classroom. 

How Much Does A GCSE Maths Tuition Cost?

GCSE tuition can be fairly expensive, with the average cost in the UK being as high as £21.40 per hour.

The following are the primary factors that define the cost of GCSE maths tuition:

  • Location: The local cost of living as well as general market rates are important determinants of tuition fees, which is why tutors tend to charge more in urban centres. 
  • Qualification: People at all educational levels, from undergraduate to higher take private coaching. However, their fee varies depending on their qualifications. For example, tutors with PhDs have a better understanding of the subject principles and therefore charge more. 
  • Teaching Experience and Results: Anyone who has previous experience in teaching GCSE maths to young adults, and a proven track record of consistently good results can easily justify charging more than an inexperienced candidate. 
  • Focused Areas Of Expertise: If you are hiring a maths tutor for specific areas, algebra or calculus for example, they likely have advanced certifications apart from a basic undergrad maths degree, and hence a relatively higher fee.

Simply put, a range of factors determine GCSE maths tuition charges, and you need to select a teacher who offers the best within your budget. 

As we have already discussed, online coaching considerably reduces the cost while being as effective as in-person sessions. 

Traditional Tutoring V/S Transformational Performance Learning 

Now that you know how one-on-one maths lessons benefit your child, let’s delve into why a performance learning coach is better than a maths tutor. 

At Performance Learning Coaching we believe in going beyond the subject matter. 

While being highly proficient in maths, our coaches are also trained in empowering students with a growth mindset. We seamlessly integrate essential learning skills and personal growth with subject knowledge, and this holistic approach inevitably translates into academic excellence. 

For example, consider our student Luke, who advanced from an E to A within weeks of hiring a performance learning coach. Luke grappled with several behavioural issues that made it hard for him to focus in class lessons. 

Rather than merely teaching maths, our coach addressed the problem at roots, skillfully instilling a mindset shift, which eventually played a pivotal role in Luke’s success. 

In hindsight, a typical maths tutor may not have fostered the foundational attitude adjustment the kid needed for better academic performance.

Much like Luke, we have trained hundreds of students, and our personalised tuition lessons complemented by positive reinforcement have by and again proven a catalyst for success.

So if you want your child to unlock their full potential, wait no more, and schedule a call with a Performance Learning Coach today!

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Often Should GCSE Maths Tutoring Sessions Be?

How often you should schedule a GCSE maths tuition class for your child depends on their proficiency in the subject. 

Some students need help with fundamental concepts and therefore require more attention. On the other hand, kids who are good at problem-solving but need help with advanced topics might just require a few hours of coaching to develop good concepts. 

Ideally, to ensure good results and regular evaluation, you should arrange at least one session per week.

Is Online GCSE Math Tutoring As Effective As In-Person Teaching?

The trend of online tutoring emerged in the 1990s, but with the development of related tools and tech, online tutoring businesses have considerably boomed. 

However, when it comes to hiring tutors, parents are understandably concerned if online tuition is as good as traditional coaching. 

While the teaching style and skills of a tutor determine how productive a teaching session is, generally, online tutoring is considered as effective as in-person by students, parents, and teachers alike (as evident from the outstanding testimonials on our page). 

Several things, from the elimination of travel and the need for a dedicated physical space to flexible schedules and available lecture recordings, make online sessions feasible, time-saving and cost-effective for both parents and teachers. 

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