• April 20, 2017

Why school underachievers have untapped potential to be high-flying CEOs

Performance Learning Tej Samani - GESF Conference 2017

Why school underachievers have untapped potential to be high-flying CEOs

Vision magazine, April 2017, by Georgina Lavers

Excerpt from an article discussing Tej Samani’s talk at the 2017 Global Education & Skills Forum in Dubai, on how Performance Learning helps students achieve their potential.

Dropping out of school didn’t stop the Founder of Performance Learning. The secret? Don’t develop a complex algorithm or new piece of technology – it’s simply about re-educating students on how to use their brain in a certain way.

As a three-time school dropout, Tej Samani sought to prove his teachers wrong later in life. As well as a stint playing pro tennis on the ATP circuit, he set up his first company at age 17, dabbling in everything from sleep deprivation to sporting performance. However, there was one problem that was proving an obsession. Why did he underachieve at school, and how to help others like him?

Underachievement or underperformance is one of the biggest challenges in education. The idea of identifying areas of disadvantage is not new, with research encompassing various different types of factors: race, location and gender being some of the most prevalent (and newsworthy).

But as Founder and CEO of Performance Learning, an institute dedicated to supporting schools, colleges and universities across the UK and Europe, Samani drew a slightly different conclusion. He thought back to his anxiety and stress as a teenager, struggling to cope with the pressure of homework deadlines, as well as his discussions with the constant flow of underperforming students that came into his institute.

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