Founded by Tej Samani (a former ATP Mens Touring Tennis Professional turned behavioural analyst), Performance Learning is an organisation which improves the performance of learners. We provide a curriculum which works alongside the Primary and Secondary school curriculum, and helps learners to know HOW they can perform at their highest ability in all subjects.

Through his time competing at an international level, Tej realised that enhancing performance does not depend on ‘natural talent’ but on habitual training in key skills, along with careful tracking of every detail (both large and small) of performance. Tej’s work over the past decade has helped 1,000’s of people of all ages – from athletes and top corporate personnel to school pupils – optimise their performance and deliver bottom line improvements.

Performance Learning has been created through nine years of careful research and development working with learners from all walks of life. In order to eliminate under performance, giving learner more confidence in their own abilities and putting them back in control. Whether they are consistent high performers or experiencing the day to day struggles of just not quite ‘getting it’ in schools, Performance Learning’s cutting edge curriculum and technology is designed to help learners reach their true potential.

Performance Learning has rigorously tested its programmes and technology in different academic environments. We continually succeeded in bringing about significant improvements in performance.

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