Improving mental health and academic excellence are the drivers behind Performance Learning. Founded by Tej Samani, Performance Learning is dedicated to developing and supporting academic, lifelong learning skills in pupils across the country to realise their full potential.

Tej, himself a pupil who struggled at school, is offering a no-obligation, complimentary and inspiring talk to your pupils. Through his talk, your pupils will have the opportunity to meet an individual who truly understands the problems that they face today as they undertake their academic journey.

Tej delivers the talk with a core focus on the following issues:

  • Year 6: SATs.
  • Secondary transition.
  • GCSE, A-level preparation.
  • Defusing nerves, stress, and anxiety.
  • How to recall, retain and recollect information to help with exams or reading complex texts.
  • Tips on how to get a significant return on exam preparation.
  • Managing their time, sleep and well being.

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